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The sharp, calm sunbeams striking the unconfined waters, the chorus of birds forming a symphony, the moon and the sun lending an ear to the broken heart, and the broad hills embracing the silence and whines of the dejected – indeed! Nature is a healer.

Writing about nature has always enchanted me. I find it delightful to describe Mother Nature in words. I smile and thank the creator for his creation. I applaud the beauty and magic the surroundings bring.

But my heart goes numb watching the oceans choking with plastic, animals going extinct, and pollution-engulfed air. While talking about the beauty of nature or places to explore, I will harshly pen down our doings; unless we accept there is a problem, we can’t solve it.

Here you can find the naked truth, the raw experience, a sea of emotions, and untold stories.

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Everyone Looks Out Of The Box, No One Looks Inside

Today’s world is highly competent. Technology has opened the doors of opportunities, overwhelming markets.

To stand apart from the crowded niches is a real challenge. For this, companies are trying innovative ways to attract their demographics.

Spurring the interest of the audience is an art, and it lies in simplicity. And my writings are grounded on the basic principles that convey your brand message amid the noise.

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