A Child Called ‘It’ – Review

A Child Called ‘It’ is the first edition in the trilogy on Dave Pelzer’s life. Pelzer brought the darkest phase of his life, childhood abuse, to light through his book. The tragic stories of Pelzer’s earlier life get deeper as the story progresses, and I had to pause to absorb the ferocity of the gruesome incidents the author was going through.


Amid the emotional whirlpool, the younger Dave’s unbeatable zeal for the survival is a major takeaway from this book. In the never-ending phase of hallowing torture, the child’s resilience, redemption, and triumph will inspire people facing adversity.

Over the years, child abuse has been the under the carpet affair, the author, without going melancholic, professes the need to look into the issue through his own tale. Dave explains that child abuse has a domino effect that spreads to all who touch the family and haunts them forever.

I love the line that says, “Even in the darkest passages the heart is unconquerable.” I highly recommend it. Caution: the book is mostly disturbing, but speaks the truth. Child abuse is happening all over the world as we speak. We need to learn and talk about it in order to abolish it from the roots.

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