About Me

I developed a knack for writing in my sophomore years of graduation.  From writing poems to cards for friends on their birthdays to a published writer, the journey has been nothing less than an adventure. From short, crisp content to in-depth articles, I have learnt and written in many genres of writings.

I have worked with abroad (UK, Australian, American) and Indian clients.

In between finding my passion and living it, I played other roles as well, which complimented my writing.

My passion for poetry began during my school days. I loved the way my teachers used to read poems in English and Telugu (one of the Indian regional languages).

As they say, to be a good writer you need to be a good reader.

Reading books and watching tv series have also played a crucial role in improving my writing. I love to binge on the classics as well as the finest contemporary works of writings. Watching TV series strengthened my fundamentals such as language construction, ideation, and characterisation.

I feel emotional, content, and gratified to have achieved the position I currently hold. I believe in self-improvement and strive for the same every day.

Gone are the days we complained about the lack of opportunities, because today, the Internet is the biggest avenue and it’s in the hands of the user to harness it.

My mantra: Getting better never gets old