Dark Affairs Of Mankind

Humans in an effort to adapt to nature by changing everything around them are habituated to controlling and dominating other species, and sometimes even their own. Their acts are defacing Earth; it wouldn’t come as a great surprise if we needed to redraw the map of our world for our future generations. What legacy are we leaving behind for our progeny – air stifled with greenhouse gases, Society riddled with poverty, a nature that’s losing its biodiversity, and a severe dent in the existence of life?

On the higher tangent, if we dig deeper into the dark affairs of mankind, we will come across atrocities that will without warning send shivers down your spine, raise the follicles of your hair on your skin, and knee-jerks you cold. Child abuse, sexual crimes against women, and animal cruelty are some of the cardinal red stains that have perverted humanity. These sinister affairs raise questions on the sanity of our species as a whole. This, of course, maybe a generalised thought, but a large population of humans is seemingly turning insane and twisted.

Violence Against Women

This has become so common that people don’t consider it as a crime anymore, and I’m not even exaggerating. For instance, domestic violence has been so common that the victim is told to go back and live with the culprit as she, and women in general, are believed to be born in this world just to adjust and suffer. Even women don’t take these cases to the notice of the police; or perhaps, even they don’t think it is a monstrosity. If women took the decision to stand for themselves and complain against the wrongdoer, the society will humiliate and brand her, calling her a “modern women”, a sinner, and whatnot.

Acid attacks are another example of brutality against women. A “no” from a woman strokes the ego of a man and he plots revenge and burns her with acid. Acid chews through flesh and bones, liberating gases and disfiguring the affected areas. The pain and suffering it leaves on the victim are eternal. In spite going through such agony, several acid-attack survivors had refused to be seen as victims. They summed up courage and stood firm against their attackers. Several men had come to their support and backboned them. Not all men are heinous.

Laxmi Agarwal, Stop Acid Attack campaigner got disfigured at the age of 15 after a man twice her age doused her with acid when she refused to marry him. Alok Dixit is a journalist-turned-social-activist and founder of ‘Save Your Voice.’ Laxmi and Alok had fallen in love and got married during their fight for justice for acid attack survivors.

The word “rape” has become common. I still remember how people used to think twice before pronouncing the word “rape.” But now, they are making the word to hate itself by committing it in unimaginable ways. The irony in these cases is that people blame women for going out, for wearing clothes of her choice, and even blame women’s looks for “instigating” men to do such acts. Some even say women deserve to get raped. Child rape – does a child’s body or attire also stirs the minds of men to depredate her?

I am shivering to write any further; did you know humans even rape animals? This has to be the heights of insanity or devilish lust. I ask myself, what do we need to do to instil morals into twisted minds? If we don’t find an answer for that, the world will soon turn into a place full of monsters. Again, what legacy are we leaving for our progeny? Are we safe, are they going to be safe? Think.

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