Dear Hyderabad,

Thank you for being my home for three years. You were my first of many things. You were a perfect host for my dreams. You witnessed my ups and downs. My celebrations and meltdowns. My emergence as a strong woman.

I found my passion and unhesitantly went after it. You applauded my achievements and guts. I made decisions and stood by them. I looked at you during the hours of adversity. I questioned you, β€œWhy are you so mean to me?” Right after getting over the situation, I laughed at myself.

I endured the toughest of storms. I found my voice. My writings shaped me. I explored my capacity, and was flabbergasted by knowing the depths of myself. I looked forward to every day, to know more about myself and get better at my craft. I still do.

I am grateful to have been associated with and sharing the stage with people of higher knowledge. I never imagined that I would achieve all this. I respect my achievements and am humbled by my journey. I am thankful to God for guiding me.

I get nervous when people, readers, say that I inspire them. When I read such emails, I want to hide, so that no one could see me. I am glad that I have earned a handful of devoted readers.

Thank you for giving me friends for life. I will cherish them forever. They always push me to do what I do. They are blunt and critical about my work, and have been spectators as I wandered the world of creativity.

Rejections are inevitable. My journey is incomplete without them. I have worked out my way through them, and I still am.

I can’t sum up my journey in a few lines. This is just a tribute, a token of appreciation. In sha Allah, I will win the world through every rise and fall of my journey. At the moment, I am content and grateful.

Today, I made another decision and will stand by it. I am still on the journey of getting better, and I will do it for the rest of my life.

Take care of yourself during monsoon, you are easily drowned. Be nice and kind to my fellow dreamers.

I am happy when I hold a mike, and I am the happiest when I hold a pen.


May we meet again!



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