Powerful Quotes by Sabeeha Banu

Words have the power to heal the deepest of the scars, beat rock-ribbed blues, clear darkest of the ways or simply unburden the bleeding hearts and console them. And, that is why people share thousands of quotes on the Internet or on their social handles on a daily basis.
Some quotes have universal appeal, while some can impact only a certain group of people. Here, I wrote some random quotes that may appeal to people of any kind. Read attentively, to make the most of the words.

  1. Life – a series of patterns sometimes arranged and sometimes jumbled. Perfection is a myth, we are all in a race of getting better, arranging our patterns some straight and some disarranged.
  2. A flurry of particles swings in the air forming a beautiful pattern filling the heart with joy. Are those crystals of glasses or pieces of dried leaves or just dust dancing along with the wind?
  3. Walls support and bear the roof of a house. Though they come in different patterns and textures all they do is stand still and provide the shelter. Housing families, reflecting laughter, concealing the cries, walls always have our back.
  4. Is it the skin of a fish dazzling? Are those crystals of ruby on it? Are blood stains floating on the surface? Life is a perception; our eyes sometimes guide us and sometimes deceive us.
  5. An evil sprouted from the seed; spreading polluted air and eating all the good. Darkness took over the green lands. A pinch of evil can really poison a sea of goodness.
  6. A bunch of outsiders invaded the planet. Attacking all the streets, ruining all the life, establishing their dominance, these intruders showing no mercy. Are they part of us in disguise or nothing like us?
  7. Our brain controls the whole body; every cell and organ are under the supremacy of the brain. From conceiving a thought, making it to a decision, taking an action, our brain is responsible for every activity.
  8. A burning rod or a bloody skeleton resting on the ground. Is it corpse of dead or a cannon to take a life? Is it a war or a theft? Taking a home from other beings is indeed a huge crime. Oh, humans, what have you done?
  9. Capturing and preserving laughing faces. A picture speaks a thousand words and brings back a myriad of memories. Catch the smiles of loved ones close to the walls of your heart.
  10. Flowers bring peace and serenity. There is something about the flowers, from the buds to the blossomed to the dried ones, everything is enchanting. The colourful petals to white ones, flowers are just beautiful.
  11. Faces hid behind the bars of houses. Stories buried under the cement of houses. Dreams didn’t catch the light. Living someone else’s life, she has forgotten her true self.
  12. The burning gases melted the water body; losing its texture and harmony, the pool is distorted. Forming an ever-growing dent in the life of creatures, the splashes of water slowly plunges.
  13. The freedom of being free, able to wing, dash into the clouds is priceless. Dreams or birds shouldn’t be caged. They need to set free, we all know what a stream of water does than to stagnant water.
  14. You teared her apart like fabric. Not with weapons or needless, but with the taunts and stereotypes. Why don’t you let her do what she wants to? She doesn’t belong to anyone; she is not a commodity.
  15. The dead tree bore flowers just before its last days. Oh, human, look how loyal and useful trees are, you still want to chop them off and build castles?
  16. The pollutants settled down on the deep waters, poisoning every marine creature. Humans are intruders, taking home from the marines, but are they aware of how they will survive without marine life.
  17. Banishing her for bleeding red, succumbing her voice and very existence. Labelling her as unpure and sin. Oh man, don’t you bleed when a mosquito bites you?
  18. Working throughout the life, if you look back you didn’t find anything except work, your body aching from the labour of work, your mind is freeze, the worms crawling inside are questioning what have you achieved.
  19. Under the common sky, some men working to make their ends meet, some embracing the cold winds, some reminiscing their bygone moments, some worrying about tomorrow.
  20. Clothing off the bones and flesh, inside we all look the same. They say a skull is the nature’s sculpture; tired by human’s atrocities, nature turned their tidings and swallowed the bones and flesh as in.
  21. After an honest day’s work, with ached bones, packed bags, workers were returning homes with the loved ones; the moon felt pity and shed its light on the people. Even the clouds made the way to the moon and stood aside.
  22. Unlocking and scrolling yards of pages on screen, humans forgot about the books lying in their shelves. Dust consumed the shine of the books, the knowledge, and stories sealed in books were never attained.
  23. Many families and different stories reside between the old walls of the cottage. As time passed by, the families moved out, but the memories still reside in the house.
  24. Poets ink women as flowers, so she wore flowers on her back and fly into the skies and dived into the seas. The world stopped and watched her flying. Even the flightless birds envied her.
  25. Before the world, you showcase yourself as strong, hiding your emotions, you are expected to be intelligent and valiant. Forget what people say before you forget yourself.
  26. They say men are immune to emotions, they hide their feelings, especially the fragile sentiments to keep up with the societal standards and expectations. Delicate tenderness lies beneath the hard heart of men, let them be like what they want. Release them from the shackles of idealism.
  27. Blinded by the richness you dashed your car into the dump. What were you thinking? Are those thoughts weighed more than your life? Are you simply got lost in the hindsight?
  28. Flying all above the sky, sickened by the blazing sun, the bird seeks refugee at your shelter. Open the doors of your house, let her rest on your furniture, allow her to sip some water and free her back to the sky.
  29. Her characteristics define her; she is more than her physical appearance. She is bold, and timid at the same time. She is the burning flames and melting ice. She is undefinable.
  30. Society shuns her for being a woman. She cried an ocean. Gathering all the broken pieces, she decided to look the shame in its face and battle it as a warrior, as a Queen.
  31. She was highly regarded only during the days of bearing a child; the other days she was treated as a shame. A body part defined her more than the whole of herself.
  32. Power is an invisible yet powerful aspect that every human dreams to conquer. Sometimes power tears everything within apart, and sometimes it tears the others. While sometimes it can be used to join the broken pieces of others. All depends upon who holds the power.
  33. An invisible and invincible bond between two hearts that gives birth to strong intangible feelings. Sometimes these feelings grow with time and sometimes fall like the dry petals of a flower.
  34. Words form an orbit in our minds; further becomes thoughts, get into your speech and ultimately make you act. So, be careful with what kind of words you let in your mind.
  35. Words engraved on the paper, ink spread all over, still contains the message. Only a keen reader will make attempts to read, the concealed note with spilled ink.
  36. With the passing time, letters faded on the white paper. Holding the letter close to heart, tears spilled out. Vanished letters appeared with the touch of tears.
  37. All holding herself for so long, she finally opened up; busted like a torment. The explosion opened her gates to the outer world, she crushed the taboos and let her way out.
  38. It takes a lot to stand after going through suffering. But you still stand, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let the light absorb all your difficulties and strengthen you.
  39. You have sailed through the sea of adversity, now flying against the wind of challenges. Are you a bird or a mermaid, or a human with wings and fins? Sail and fly until you win.
  40. A heavy baggage of past sinks you down. Get up and shake off the bygones. Look ahead, the future is in front of you. Raise your chin and put your head up, you are unstoppable like the wind.
  41. A boat sailing, the winding breezing, the thunder trembling and trees moving like a wildness. There was something unusual in the nature, magic with wilderness, happiness with a cloud of sadness.
  42. A cloud of hope was sighted during the tribulation. For some, it was a ray of hope, and for others a passing cloud. An opportunity lies in the eyes of the viewer.
  43. Running in the circles of life, we often lose our centre. Pause for a moment, observe the surroundings and absorb your heartbeats and regain your centre; your purpose.
  44. With time the wounds got healed, but the scrapes and bruises remain. The lingering feelings haunted all her life, like a shadow that can be casted even in days and nights.
  45. Travelling through the wheels of life one needs to endure the ghastly winds and smooth rides. Keep your heart and mind intact, and parse through the darkness, wind and light.
  46. The broken pieces still made a beautiful picture. Are those really broken or puzzles of a jig-jaw that need to be sorted? Arrange all the broken pieces to see the actual picture of your life.
  47. Even the abstract look of the nature, delights our eyes; the mountains, water bodies, the flowers and the free breeze. Get lost in nature and find your real self.

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