Robinhood Army – Beating Hunger

In the dead of the night, people donning green hoods takes charge to ensure that no one sleeps famished. Day, mid-day, or night, on a festival or on a packed day, the Robins are here to fulfil their duty. With ‘Serve the Hungry Citizen’ as their motto, the Robins have served millions of people in countries including India and 12 others.

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Robinhood Army – Combating Hunger

The Robinhood Army, a volunteer-based organisation, works to serve food to the needy. Registered as a charitable trust from India, the Robinhood Army was founded by Neel Ghose and Anand Sinha back in 2014. Restaurants usually prepare food in surplus (unpredictability of sales or for backup), which goes uneaten. The Robinhoods emerged with the goal to take this surplus food to the needy.

Initially started in Delhi, the organisation has now marked its food-serving endeavours all over the country, and abroad. The organisation doesn’t accept monetary donations, and only distributes food from their partners and donors. Impressed and moved by the idea, many restaurants and common people have come forward offering food whenever there is a surplus.

Robins With No Strings

The Robins are volunteers from different age groups and walks of lives, who step up to bring food to the less fortunate. The group consists of professionals, students, retired employees, and homemakers alike. Taking a few hours of a week, the Robins make a big difference in alleviating hunger. However, they always remind themselves that only one percent of the work is actually done and a lot more is left to do. The team dreams of a day when none are famished anymore.

You Can Be A Robin

Anyone can be a Robin just by dedicating a few hours in a week to the group’s mission. You can even serve areas in your vicinity. Also, you can be part of this goodwill in your own way. For instance, if there is a party at your home and the guests haven’t shown up as expected, or you have surplus food leftover after the party, then you can offer that food to the poor. But make sure that the food is in its finest quality (both in terms of freshness and taste), just like how you would like to eat it.

When you have lunch with your family, colleagues or friends, you may order food in bulk, and many a time, the food is wasted. In such a case, you can pack the untouched food and give it to a person who is hungry. And you can find this person at bus stops and traffic signals, and on footpaths. The contentment you would carry after giving the package is worth a king’s ransom. See, you have become Robinhood!

How To Become A Robinhood

The Robinhood Army is active on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. There are pages solely dedicated to a specific region or city. Follow these pages, get to know what these Robins do. If you want to be one of them, you can contact them on those pages.

Robinhood has been in service since, and on September 2018, one of the founders, Neel Ghose, made their appearance on the quiz show, Kaun Banega Crorepati. Since then, the organisation and their work has come into the light. People with the intention to do something good, will do it, regardless of the hype; but this guest appearance drew people’s attention, resulting in an increase in the number of Robins.

The Robinhood Army is doing an amazing work, I wrote this article from my knowledge of this organization and its work closely. Follow this group on social media, to see what they do and how they do what they do.

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