Self Love

While looking into the whittled glass frame of the mirror, fixing the dark circles with a concealer, setting the brows, blushing the cheeks, and dressing the hair every morning in rush, have you ever taken a second or two to gaze into the mirror?

Reflections reveal not only our outer appearance but also its concealed secrets, only if one chooses to look.

There is more to self-love than physical care. A system of organs and cells work around the clock in our body, and coordinate and function for the body’s survival.

Becoming self-aware and acknowledging intangible sensations are the first steps to self-love. Rather than looking at others to give a receipt for your conduct, peek into your soul, start understanding what you are, and latch on to your feelings. Know what are you good at, what your flaws are; subscribe to every nook and corner of your heart and mind unhesitantly.

Which face of yours is real — the one you show people in the day or the one you reveal in between the four walls. Or both, just like the faces of a coin.

Life is a process, it isn’t a point circle that starts and ends in itself. After becoming aware of both shades of the self, work on to control or diminish the darker (bad) aspects of it. No one in this world is “perfect”, and one shouldn’t compare themselves to others. These darker aspects could mostly be surrounded by fears or personality traits. And, these are workable; self-love isn’t loving your flaws, but accepting they exist and working on them.

Most of us misunderstand self-love with the alter ego; however, it isn’t a quest of finding a distinct self, but to acknowledge one’s true self, good or bad.

Fat, dark, short, tall, introvert, and extrovert — these are not flaws, and you must not gauge yourself based on these. What you feel about yourself transcends to the world, but don’t let the world define you. Talk to yourself, take it as a mission to better yourself, and, believe me, if we inculcate this habit, then more than half of our problems will get resolved right away.

You stay with your body all your life, you bear your thoughts, no other person holds the capacity to understand you like you do. This further eases conversations with others. When someone points you out, you will take it and not complain. You can still pour your heart out to your friends, family or loved ones; self-love doesn’t push you to cut your bonds, but it will allow it to bloom as you no longer depend on others for any sort of approval, you become consciously mature.

You are allowed to be yourself, so don’t be self-conscious. Bring on the real you. People will talk, but you deserve to live life the way you see fit.

Just like how a bodybuilder feels when their muscles take shape, the undefined contentment in the face of an artist, writer or an engineer watching their imaginations taking shape, the unaccountable satisfaction an entrepreneur, doctor, social helper saving or building lives gets, a homemaker making ends meet, self-growth or self development will give happiness, and the first step to it is self-love.

9 thoughts on “Self Love

  1. Well written Sabeeha. All of our relationships depends on our relationship with ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, we possibly can’t love someone else. Thank you for reiterating this thought.

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