SEO Writing

If content is king, then the search engine would probably be the queen. People are dependent and habituated to Google for information. Whether you are an individual or an enterprise, you need to top search engine results (Google) to make your presence felt among your niche. A proper understanding of keywords plays a vital role in search engine ranking.

An informative content with SEO-optimization is what I do.

Website Content

The website of a brand is its face. Apart from an impressive design and layout, content does the talking. You have only seconds to awe the impatient visitor. Without using jargons, and using only a few powerful words, one can help visitors stay on their website and make a transaction.

Creativity flows in my writing and I am adept at writing website content.

Social Media Content Optimization

On an average, a person spends 2 hours a day on social media. Looking at the demand for usage of social channels, brands open their business on social platforms too.

To strike a chord with the people on social media, one needs to analyze the user behavior on those platforms and gain an understanding of how these media work.

From in-depth articles to word-constrained social posts, to entertaining and engaging stories, I have hands-on experience in all.

Poetry Writing

Honestly, I never wrote poetry for commercial success. I wrote poems for friends. However, I am open to writing themed-based poetry for a good buck.

Video Content

I can create video content from the scratch; including voiceover and visual content. I love writing video content as it allows me to imagine and be fully creative.